Plycraft tilt mechanism

Modern Chair Restoration does not stock or sell any replacement parts. Swivel Chair Parts. Woven elastic webbing and Pirelli webbing: available from many online upholstery supplies vendors and on eBay.

Plycraft 'Eames' Lounge Chair restoration

I own a plycraft swivel chair, purchased in Recently I have had a problem with the swivel mechanism. I can use the reclining part but the chair moves from side to side. Is the any way to secure this or do i need a new mechanism? Thk you for any feedback you can give me. I have a link on my site to replacement parts.

Good luck—hope you figure it out! There are a number of companies making tapered legs that screw onto furniture. Some Ace Hardware stores carry them, too. Google search is your friend! Check Etsy, too. Good luck! I have a Brahmin rocking chair.

One of the screws has broken. Were can I possibly find a replacement. Check places that sell metric hardware. Good luck. I plan to make chair glides in the future. Love your site!

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Dear B Goode, I have a vintage Overman ottoman that needs a replacement glide. Is this something that you are currently producing? I can provide a photograph so that you can see the style glide that I need… Thank you, Rick. Tom, you have to contact that manufacturer directly. I have a plycraft chair that seems to need the plywood base replaced. Have you seen any place where this is available? I bought it used three years ago, and it was slightly damaged then.

It has gotten worse over the years of use, and will eventually break entirely. Try asking on the forum at DesignAddict.

Probably best to keep an eye on Ebay for a chair that is trashed but with the base in good shape.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

We carry swivel tilt mechanisms and plastic inserts for Chromcraft, Douglas and Tempo chairs which may fit some other brands. You must remove the bucket top part of your chair from the base bottom to determine what is wrong with your chair. Using a screwdriver, remove the four screws holding the swivel tilt mechanism to the bucket of the chair. Turn the base upside down holding the legs with the casters facing you. Place the mechanism flat on the floor.

Step on the sides of the mechanism and carefully jerk the base toward you exercising caution. If this does not work call us for other suggestions. After the parts are separated check to see if the metal rod protruding from the mechanism can be moved from side to side.

If it moves it is broken and must be replaced. Also if the plastic insert in the chair base comes out with the mechanism or is cracked or broken it needs to be replaced as well. Wood Laminate Top. Dining Sets Dining Chairs. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

Items 1 to 12 of 24 total 1 2. Show: 12 24 Add to Cart. Customer Center.Unfortunately, they usually come in this faded tan leather which has often turned kind of a greenish shade on the arm rests.

I think some were even done in vinyl and often you find them redone in strange fabrics. The foam is usually shot, too. They are comfortable when redone with new foam.

Some people even find them more comfortable than the Eames chairs. They also tilt, which for some is a plus. I redid this one in an espresso brown leather from Kyson Leather on eBay. Often these Plycraft chairs have simple platform arm rests.

This one was made by Selig not sure what the relationship was to Plycraft but the chairs are so similar that I think there must be a link. It had curved arm rests like the Eames chairs but with no welt, so it looked…ok, cheap.

plycraft tilt mechanism

I restyled them with welt on both top and bottom edges. It just looks better, I think. I also stripped and refinished the plywood. Anyway, it invariably gets scuffed and scratched, showing the lighter wood beneath. Also, in evening out the grain, it dulls it. A natural finish of oil looks so much better and is easy to touch up should the chair get a little scuff.

You do beautiful work! I have a question…. I have a plycraft chair with a deep chinese red finish which is scratched. Any ideas for a stain color to be a relatively close match for some touch-up? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks very much. You should probably determine the type of finish and go from there. A good furniture refinisher can probably help. Good luck! Would you be able to make them for me? If yes, for what price? Where are you located?

Thanks Lukas. Hi You seem to know alot about these chairs… I have one I am interested in buying… would it be possible to send you some pictures of it so that you could tell me in your opinion if you think its a plycraft or a selig?? Also — the person I want to buy it from it almost positive that its pleather… I had thought that reproduction eames chairs were still real leather… is that not true?

Just hoping you know, if you dont thats totally fine. Thanks, Carly. My knowledge is mostly in how to reupholster these. I have and Eames lounge chair and ottoman that I am looking to refurbish. It is about 18 years old with the following label attached:.

First, are you in the Baltimore area? I only work with local clients. Second, is it a genuine Eames lounge chair? They can be found online.I was wondering if any of you out there have a Mr.

Chair The original from Plycraft.

plycraft tilt mechanism

I picked one of these up last year and it's been sitting in my storage unit because the piece that mounts the base to the plywood shell is messed up.

I think I'm ready to try to figure it out, but I don't have anything as a reference. Was wondering if anyone with one of these chairs could take some upclose pics of the bottom of the chair where they mount up? The pic below is the type of chair.

Tilt Mechanisms

I have yet to take any pics of my chair. Any help would be much appreciated! Update: It's the larger of the 2 chairs, with the seam in the back, but it has a wooden base like the chair in the first pic. Mine would be the one in the 2nd photo. No one has any input or owns No one has any input or owns one of these chairs?

I'm surprised. Please help if you have knowledge.

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I dont understand what you mean when you say your base is "messed up" but I just want to make sure you know that nothing attached to the part circled in yellow No - when I saw the base is No - when I say the base is messed up, I mean that the base mechanism - I should have been more clear.

I know nothing attaches to where you have circled in yellow. The mechanism is in 2 parts - I don't know if it's missing a spring or it just needs to be re-welded or what. I was hoping someone could post a photo of one up close. There is a piece that mounts to the bottom of the chair, and there is a piece that sticks up from the ply base.

These two pieces attached together with a pin - but when i put them together, it is very loose and shakey - does not sit upright, it just falls into a reclined position.Plycraft, a manufacturer no longer in business was a copycat reproducer of the famous Herman Miller Eames Lounge chair. Over the years, Plycraft used many different style mechanisms. We have found several styles to replace broken mechanisms. Adapting will always be required. The original mechanism is seen on the seat cushion.

Plycraft Mr. Chair help

This chair mechanism has a 1" dia. This original mechanism instead used a wooden wedge to set the tilt angle. The mechanism and base must both be replaced if either the base or mechanism is replaced as shown in photo at right. Style replaced the original wedge mechanism shown on left.

Notice wedge combined with mounting board for this particular client. The outside leather covering is easily removed by removing small screws with washers washers available from Ace Hardware from the wood underside. This will expose the molded wood inside bottom. Install the new mechanism using either method. Email Most extensive chair parts replacement catalog online. General Mechanism Installation: The outside leather covering is easily removed by removing small screws with washers washers available from Ace Hardware from the wood underside.

Doing so for testing will give you a starting point from which to work in moving the mechanism forward or rearward as necessary. Alternatively, you can leave the plywood in place and paint the edges black to hide the plywood. The pivot point determines the proper balance though there is a fine adjustment spring tension knob.

plycraft tilt mechanism

If the replacement pivot pin is too far forward, the chair may lean back too easily. If the replacement mechanism pivot pin is too far rearward, the chair may be difficult to lean back. Certain factors including a different adjustment tension spring strength may also come into play as well as different manufacturers Pivot placement and of course Lets Be Social.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Douglas Swivel Tilt Mechanism Set of 6.

Selig Plycraft lounge chair and ottoman

Douglas Swivel Tilt Mechanism Set of 5. Chromcraft Swivel Tilt Mechanism Set of 6. Chromcraft Swivel Tilt Mechanism Set of 5. Douglas Swivel Tilt Mechanism. Chromcraft Swivel Tilt Mechanism Set of 4. If your swivel tilt chair wobbles from side to side or does not swivel or tilt properly it is likely that you need to replace your swivel tilt mechanism. Once the weld breaks or the metal rod wiggles on the swivel tilt mechanism it must be replaced for your dining chair to function properly.

We carry two different size swivel tilt mechanisms, which are mainly used for Chromcraft and Douglas chairs. Measure the bolt pattern of your broken mechanism to determine which size you need. Discount Dinettes offers free shipping on all of our replacement swivel chair parts.

My Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. My Cart 0. You have no items in your shopping cart. Swivel Tilt Mechanisms. Discount Dinettes has consolidated with our main website Dinette Online. Show 9 12 15 30 per page. Out of stock. My Cart. Shop By.Paul R.

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Goldman founded Plycraft infirst producing plywood furniture after World War II, taking a brief time-out to make fiberglass boats. Plycraft was in operation in Massachusetts until and despite auspicious beginnings Goldman himself was referred to as one of the "new Horatio Algers of business" in a issue of TIME magazineand the first chairs he produced were for Herman Millerlater knockoffs and design disputes sullied Plycraft's reputation.

Two Seattle homeowners remade a soggy midcentury home as a thoroughly modern masterpiece by punching up vintage numbers with bold color. A pair of vintage George Mulhauser for Plycraft chairs is complemented by a powder-coated orange fireplace, a coffee table by Alexander Girard for Knoll, and a pair of undated paintings by Arthur L. It's unfortunate, then, that the company isn't as recognized for its original commissions, like the Mr. Chair designed by George Mulhauser with a single-shell back, winged arms, and a tufted leather seat.

You can find them on Ebay on occasion try searching " Plycraft lounge " or " Mulhauser " —most often with white or black leather upholstery. Here, we've rounded up a few spotted in the wild and in the pages of Dwell. Central to the living room of this Washington home is a pair of George Mulhauser for Plycraft chairs upholstered in sleek white leather.

The adjacent dining room sports a Galaxy chandelier from Rejuvenation, a custom table, and Gideon Kramer Ion chairs. New York interior designer Betsy Morgan included a pair of George Mulhauser for Plycraft lounge chairs, upholstered in white leather, in a Chelsea basement-turned-rec-room with a "relaxed, Moroccan vacation vibe. Textile designer Amy Butler lives in a post-and-beam midcentury house in Granville, Ohio, where she's paired her own fabrics and wallpaper with streamlined vintage pieces like a Mulhauser for Plycraft chair upholstered in brown leather.

Photo via Dose of Happy. Designer Amy Butler has paired a vintage Plycraft lounger with her own Lacework wallpaper in Moss in the living room of her Ohio home. Photo by David Butler via Apartment Therapy. Green leather upholstery for a Plycraft lounger designed by George Mulhauser is a slightly rarer find on the vintage market, though not uncommon at the time of its production.

Read more about Plycraft lounge chairs. Photo via Candi Mandi. Get carefully curated content filled with inspiring homes from around the world, innovative new products, and the best in modern design.

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