Fermec 860 transmission oil

Terex-Fermec 860 Specifications & Technical Data (1998-2004)

Clean the exterior of all components before starting any type of repair. Dirt and abrasive dust can reduce the efficient working life of a component and lead to costly replacement. Time spent on the preparation and cleanliness of working surfaces will pay dividends in making the job easier and safer and will result in overhauled components being more reliable and efficient in operation.

Use cleaning fluids which are known to be safe. Certain types of fluid can cause damage to O-rings and cause skin irritation. Solvents should be checked that they are suitable for the cleaning of components and also there is no risk to the personal safety of the user. When replacing component parts, use the correct tool for the job. Caution: Care should be exercised to avoid skin rashes, fire hazards, and inhalation of vapours when using solvent type cleaners.

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Clean all parts thoroughly using solvent type cleaning fluid. It is recommended that parts be immersed in cleaning fluid and agitated until all old lubricant and foreign material is dissolved and the parts are thoroughly cleaned. Bearings Remove bearings from cleaning fluid and strike flat against a block of wood to dislodge solidified particles of lubricant.

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Immerse again in cleaning fluid to flush out particles. Repeat above operation until bearings are thoroughly clean.

fermec 860 transmission oil

Dry bearings using moisture-free compressed air. Be careful to direct air stream across bearing to avoid spinning. Do not spin bearings when drying. Bearings may be rotated slowly by hand to facilitate the drying process.

Caution: Care should be exercised to avoid inhalation of vapours and skin rashes when using alkali cleaners. Thoroughly clean interior and exterior of housings, bearing caps, etc. Cast parts may be cleaned in hot solution tanks with mild alkali solutions, provided these parts do not have ground or polished surfaces. Parts should remain in the solution long enough to be thoroughly cleaned and heated. This will aid the evaporation of the cleaning solution and rinse water.

Parts cleaned in solution tanks must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove all traces of alkali. Cast parts may also be cleaned with a steam cleaner. All parts cleaned must be thoroughly dried immediately by using moisture-free compressed air or soft lintfree absorbent wiping rags, free of abrasive materials such as metal filings, contaminated oil or lapping compound.

Inspection The importance of careful and thorough inspection of all parts cannot be overstressed. Replacement of all parts showing indication of wear or stress will eliminate costly and avoidable failures at a later date. Bearings Carefully inspect all rollers, cages and cups for wear, chipping, or nicks to determine fitness of bearings for further use.

Do not replace a bearing cone or cup individually without replacing the mating cup or cone at the same time. After inspection, lubricate the bearings with suitable clean oil and wrap in clean lintfree cloth or paper to protect them until installed.

Oil Seals, Gaskets, Etc. Replace O-rings, seals or gaskets whenever they are disturbed.

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Never mix new and old seals or O-rings, regardless of condition. Always lubricate new seals and O-rings with suitable clean oil before installation. Replacement of spring-load oil seals, O-rings, metal sealing rings, gaskets and snap rings is more economical when the unit is disassembled than premature overhaul to replace these parts at a future time.

Further loss of lubricant through a worn oil seal may result in failure of other more expensive parts of the assembly.

fermec 860 transmission oil

Sealing members should be handled carefully, particularly when being installed. Cutting, scratching or curling under the lips of seals seriously reduces their efficiency. When assembling new metal type sealing rings, these should be lubricated with a light grease to stabilise rings in their grooves for ease of assembly of mating members. Gears and Shafts Examine teeth on all gears carefully for wear, pitting, chipping, nicks, cracks or scores.Enquire thousands spare parts for Terex-Fermec Backhoe Loaders from dealers worldwide.

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FERMEC (Also see MF INDUSTRIAL) [Backhoe Loaders] 760

Serial 5 and Serial Bcss I understand the Kobelco was acquired by Fermec which was acquired by Terex. Have my fingers crossed. I need any kind of user, service or another manual, or partlist.

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Turnage Terex. And I can send you the info. Joined: Jun 23, Messages: Location: Utah. Terex has their own private label I have a terex tx When checking for tranny fluid level, should the engine be running or stopped? Last edited: Feb 11, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.Remember Me? What's New? Forum Main Category Machinery changing filters and oil in the backhoe.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: changing filters and oil in the backhoe. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Well I change the engine oil and filter every hrs but how often does the hydraulic and torc oil need to be changed. Someone said hrs for oil but to do filters every hrs? Re: changing filters and oil in the backhoe.

fermec 860 transmission oil

Originally Posted by masseyman1. Have a terex here and am just wondering how often to change the oil and filters in her. Originally Posted by ACE. Originally Posted by essexpete. What about the hydraulic system?

Fermec 860

Sorry to pester, on behalf of the op you see. Re: changing filters and oil in the backhoe Thanks ACE and I guess the oil change interval may depend to a certain extent on the pump fitted. I assume that a complex piston pump requires more scrupulous care than a basic gear pump. Thanks ACE and I guess the oil change interval may depend to a certain extent on the pump fitted.

The time now is AM. All rights reserved.The Fermec company was created by a management buyout of the MF Industrial division in This encompassed all construction equipment lines from Massey Ferguson. In some of the former Fermec backhoe line-up that had being rebranded as Terex has passed to French firm Mecalacafter they purchased the former Terex Coventry compact machinery factory following the sale of the Dump truck and ADT product range and factory in Glasgow to Volvo Construction Equipment earlier in the year.

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fermec 860 transmission oil

MF Industrial. ManchesterUnited Kingdom. Fermec B backhoe. Fermec MF backhoe. Fermec backhoe. Fermec Cobra backhoe. Fermec Elite backhoe. Fermec MF MF backhoe. Fermec S backhoe. Fermec SE backhoe. Fermec SX backhoe.Terex Elite Loader Backhoe. Imperial Metric. Dimensions Backhoe. J Load Height - Std. K Reach From Swivel - Std. L Dig Depth - Std. Bucket Dig Force - Std. Bucket Dig Force - Ext. Reach From Swivel - Ext. Dig Depth - Ext. Reach At Load Height - Ext.

Load Height - Ext. A Transport Length. B Transport Width. C Transport Height. D Wheelbase. E Ground Clearance. I Dig Depth. Lift Capacity At Full Height. Bucket Capacity.

TEREX 860 Workshop Manual

Bucket Width. Bucket Breakout Force. Specifications Engine. Number Of Cylinders. Engine Make. Engine Model. Net Power. Gross Power. Power Measured. Torque Measured. Net Max Torque.Carraro power shuttle. Imperial Metric.

Dimensions Backhoe. J Load Height - Std. K Reach From Swivel - Std. L Dig Depth - Std. Dig Depth - Ext. Load Height - Ext. Reach At Load Height - Ext. Load At Max Lift - Ext. Load At Max Lift - Std. Reach From Swivel - Ext. A Transport Length.

B Transport Width. C Transport Height. D Wheelbase. E Ground Clearance. I Dig Depth. Bucket Breakout Force. Bucket Width. Bucket Capacity. Lift Capacity At Full Height. Specifications Engine. Engine Make. Engine Model. Net Power. Gross Power. Power Measured. Torque Measured. Net Max Torque. Fuel Capacity.

Max Weight. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. Oil System Fluid Capacity. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Transmission Fluid Capacity. Front Axle Fluid Capacity. Rear Axle Fluid Capacity.


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