Abdominal massage near me

W atch interview about A rvigo. This massage focuses primarily on the abdomen, hips and sacral area at the base of the spine. By aligning the internal organs, which include the uterus and ovaries, and removing adhesion to allow optimal flow of blood, the lymph system and the Qi, the body can begin to heal itself from all manner of reproductive and digestive issues.

We will create a custom treatment plan to help you reach your health goals whether it's from rehabilitating a shoulder to dealing with daily stress of sitting at a desk all day.

Do you feel like you were made for more than the life you are living? A combination of bodywork, energetic healing and intuitive coaching to help clear unresolved issues both emotional and physical. I work with you to help restore joy and passion into your life. Click here for a description of what a session looks like.

The herbs most commonly used are marigold, oregano, basil, rosemary, lavendar, motherwort, St. A custom blend will be prepared for you based on your bodies needs. I use a mixture of fresh organic herbs from my garden and dried organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. Sessions consist of energetic healing and intuitive coaching to help clear unresolved issues both emotional and physical.

Information about Holistic Woman's Health for the mind, body and spirit. Hello, my name is Jana Beam Powers. I love helping my clients feel better. I use all theses tools when working on my clients to provide proven holistic results.

I have always been a healer, encourager and light sparkler. I have a psychology degree and spent 10 years in the corporate world doing IT work. Inwhen my department was outsourced I decided to change careers and went to massage school.

I loved getting out of the cubicle and using my gifts to help people heal. I decided to take the Maya Abdominal Massage training after seeing a certified practitioner in Austin for my own reproductive issues. Soon after I traveled to Belize to take the Practitioner training. Over time I began to see a connection between physical and emotional issues with my clients.

Soon I began taking energy healing training to further aid my clients. Now I offer Body and Soul sessions which combine bodywork and energy healing for mind, body and spirit healing. I do my healing work from my home studio, pictured to the right. I have a comfortable heated table with an adjustable face cradle and plenty of pillows and bolsters to make you feel welcome.

There is soft music playing and essential oils being diffused during my sessions. This space is set up to be cozy and calm. A place of healing, peace and safety. InI was interview with Dr. Abramczyk of Smile Ranch Dentistry.

She is holistic dentist in Heath, TX and also a client. We discuss Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage. What it is and who can benefit. Experienced my first Arvigo massage for digestive and reproductive organ issues as well as lymph blockage. Jana's intuition, healing hands and willingness to facilitate optimal healing through customized modalities provided much needed hope, relief and relaxation.While planning for a career in Western Medicine, she received acupuncture treatment for an injury.

The pain she had for several months prior was completely gone after just a few treatments. After lots of research and thought, she entered school for Eastern Medicine instead.

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During her training, as she began to struggle with fertility, Eastern medicine helped her to conceive and carry to term two healthy, wonderful daughters. She graduated in and has devoted the main focus of her practice to fertility.

She has had advanced training in the field of gynecology, including training with Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure. Her broad focus is on gynecology in general. She is skilled in treating menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, PCOS, lactation, and menopausal symptoms. She accompanies patients to IVF and IUI appointments to perform acupuncture treatments that can improve the odds of implantation.

She is also skilled in using acupuncture to encourage labor and will attend and assist with labor. I am honored to assist you on your journey to reclaim your fertility. My goal is to work together with you to help prepare your body for conception and pregnancy whether it is through natural medicine or a combination of natural and assisted fertility treatments. In my practice I treat each patient as an individual whose health needs are different from the needs of others.

Abdominal (visceral) massage techniques

My goal is to form a personalized, respectful and healing partnership with each patient. I strive for each patient to become empowered with knowledge and confidence and to take part in their healing process and journey to parenthood. I am looking forward to assisting you on your path to health and wellness. Ali has worked in the health and wellness industry for several years as a personal trainer and wellness coach. She enjoys attending the sacredness of births to offer support to laboring women.

Over the course of many years she has helped numerous women on their journey to motherhood and beyond. She is specializing in care for women of all ages and will also hold nutrition, as well as fittness classes highlighting her personal trainer certification and cutting-edge nutrition strategies. She has published three books: Damron, Alyssa Damron, Alyssa The Preservation of Health.

She completed the Nursing program at Arapahoe Community College in She plans on continuing her education in order to become a Nurse Midwife. Erin also works as an RN at a local birth center and a uro-gynecology clinic. Her massage specialties include:. To find out more about Erin, please visit www. If you are anything like me, you know there is more to healing than just time, doctors and pills. Under the right conditions, your body can heal itself.

Twenty years ago when I started my career in healthcare as a physical therapist, I knew that in spite of identical physical conditions, some of my clients were healing faster than others. Their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy all played a role in their healing process. Eventually I committed to help people harness all dimensions of themselves to bring about integral healing. Not a week goes by that I am not in awe of the power of our mind, body and spirit to heal physical, emotional and mental limitations, pain, trauma and illness.

Clients and even other health care practitioners are amazed at the speed and level of healing that modalities like BodyTalk can facilitate. I combine my knowledge and understanding of the physical body, brain, nutrition and psychology with a strong intuitive sense to help my clients address the effects of stress on their health.

My goal is to resolve discomfort and confusion in conjunction with your current health care team or utilizing BodyTalk as a stand alone modality. Online scheduling with Tricia is available To find out more about Tricia, please visit www. However later in life she returned to school in search of a career change, she found it sitting in the first row of her anatomy and physiology class.The needs of the anterior nearer to the front area of the body — from the throat to the base of the pelvis — often go unmet in the field of massage, yet so much happens there.

Every day we receive gut feelings, reactions, and backtalk from grumbling stomachs. Often, there are worse problems, for which treatment can be hard to find. Although the abdomen may seem too vulnerable for massage therapy, this area is actually very responsive to this work. Clients often sigh in relief after their first abdominal massage, wondering why no other massage therapist has ever worked there. The abdomen contains many layers, composed of skin, fascia connective tissuemuscle, bone, and vital organs.

As strange as it may sound, the organs, especially, love to be massaged. In fact, if our breath is optimized, they are massaged naturally by the diaphragm all day long. Abdominal massage utilizes gentle techniques that reduce tension and release adhesions, relax abdominal muscles, increase respiration and enhance digestion.

It can be applied fully clothed or as a part of the therapeutic massage session. My approach combines elements of various modalities, including visceral, Mayan abdominal massage, and Biodynamic massage. I began studying abdominal massage after experiencing this work personally and finding significant benefits for my digestive pain. I researched a variety of different modalities including Chi Nei Tsang, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation, and then further engaged with the work by receiving more abdominal massage myself.

As a result, I felt tremendous relief, not necessarily through the alleviation of symptoms, but simply by having my organs and belly layers touched. I work with the abdomen because it is essential to a whole view of the body. I want to treat the whole body, and the organs and torso comprise most of it. Many people have in the past or are currently dealing with disturbance and dysfunction in the belly.

Following are specific conditions in which abdominal massage is beneficial:. The treatment can be done through clothing, the sheet, or directly on the skin. During the massage treatment, clients may experience some tenderness; however, the client always directs the session. Treatment will not be done if the client expresses discomfort of any kind. In fact, communication with the client is at the forefront of each session.

After receiving Abdominal Massage, a client will likely feel lighter and more spacious in the belly — often manifesting as an enhancement in breath or an ability to take deeper breaths. The amount and degree to which this happens varies for each client. For recommendations on post-abdominal massage care, please see my Referral Directory. Send a Message If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Abdominal Massage.

Love your belly. Abdominal massage seeks to help the body find its natural core balance. Questions about Abdominal Work Why do you do abdominal massage? Who benefits from Abdominal Massage? I believe everybody can benefit from Abdominal Massage to maintain health and relaxation.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Stomach Massage (Evidence Based)

Send a Message. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Your message was sent. Thank you! Something went wrong, please try again. Website by Ink Stained Creative.Your belly is the center of your health, and when it's dysfunctioning, it tells you.

abdominal massage near me

It can also present itself through common back pain and low back ache, as well as digestive issues like IBS and acid reflux. And did you know this? The culprit of an angry abdomen may be a tipped or prolapsed uterus or tight, under-functioning digestive organs. And the culprit of an angry low back can be the result of tight muscles that lead into the pelvis the ones that can only be accessed by working through the belly.

Unless you address the underlying muscle and organ issues, your relief may only be temporary.

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So, what's the solution? I've seen amazing transformations in my clients and in myself through Maya Abdominal Massage. And, I've seen big improvements through applying Deep Tissue Massage for ALL external and internal muscles related to back mobility to create true healing. Here's what else I've noticed: Maya Abdominal Massage and deep tissue work on interior back muscles releases energy that gets blocked when these systems aren't functioning optimally.

That's important! Opening up blocked energy can lead to greater self-empowerment. Ask me how! Let's chat!

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Schedule a free consultation. I'd love to get to know you, understand your needs, and answer your questions. I believe in the power of healing, and the work I do is an expression of that belief.

When you come to see me for relief and healing, it's important to me that I address your issues in real time and that you leave feeling that you know more about your body and yourself than you did when you arrived. That way, you can continue the healing process between visits.

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I'm all about empowerment! Do you feel disconnected from yourself? The Return To Self Program provides a bridge between the mind and body…the physical, mental, and emotional…to help you to experience greater healing and to build a stronger connection with yourSelf.

The Return To Self Program is for:. Women who want to understand the messages of pain and discomfort their bodies are sharing with them. Women who want to feel more deeply and who want to be more present in their lives. The Return To Self Program includes monthly whole health coaching sessions, massage sessions including Maya abdominal massages and Integrative massageTransformational Breath sessions, and creative sessions art, movement, intuitive writing.

By addressing one central complaint, we can work together toward total, focused healing of that issue. The Uterus: Relief from painful or irregular periods, perimenopause, menopause complaints, preparing your body for pregnancy, recovery from childbirth, perimenopause, and menopause. The Back: Relief from low back pain, hip pain, sciatica and other issues related to an achy back. Each Targeted Program includes multiple massages, tinctures, castor oil packs and essential oils.

Yes, I do offer traditional massage therapy services My deep tissue technique is a personalized blend of massage styles adapted to your needs. I also offer individual Maya abdominal massage sessions and other services to help you reconnect and rejuvenate:. This movement class is for anyone who wants to learn or experience dancing the magic of dancing their own dance, both on the dance floor and in life.Getting rubbed down-even if it's by your S.

We should all be seeing a masseuse on the reg. But the latest fad flying around the internet health-o-sphere is a puzzler: organ massage, aka visceral manipulation. It's not a totally new revelation in the massage world. Visceral manipulation has been around since the mid '80s, when French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral invented the technique, according to the Barral Institutethe organization that he founded.

But it's buzzing thanks to a Vogue writer who tried itand other sites that have picked up on the trend. But the idea of someone poking around your internal organs is a little unsettling-what is organ massage, exactly? And more important, is it even safe? The gist: It's a very gentle abdominal massage that can be performed by massage therapists, osteopaths, allopathic physicians, and other practitioners to treat things such as constipation, post-surgical adhesions, back pain, and even stress, mood, and sleep issues.

The practitioner uses her hands to assess tense spots and gently compress and move certain soft tissues, feeling out for tender spots and scar tissue. Although, it's worth noting that there are health benefits associated with touch in general.

For example, one study found that after a six-week period, visceral manipulation in addition to standard pain treatment didn't offer people with lower back pain any relief when compared to the placebo groupbut they did have less pain after 52 weeks of continued massage treatment. In research done on rats with abdominal adhesions, organ massage was found to both reduce and prevent the adhesions, as published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

While it can't be assumed the same would hold true for humans, it gives a little merit to the practice of organ massage in general.

Visceral fascial constriction can occur in the body, especially if there is scar tissue from abdominal surgery like a C-sectionfor example, says Anna Esparham, M. Think: similarly to those tight spots in your quads, but in the connective tissue around your organs.

Massage-just like in your muscles-can help break this up. The viscera internal organs are connected through nerves and connective tissue to other parts of the body, including skin and musculoskeletal tissue, explains Esparham. But is it safe? After all, it's kind of weird for a stranger's fingers to be poking around between your most valuable goods. However, "the technique is generally fairly gentle and, if done this way by a trained professional, is likely to be safe.

Mayan Abdominal Massage for TTC- Easy Self Fertility Massage that helped me get Pregnant!

So if you're desperate to find something to fix your constipation or abdominal pain and want to go the natural route? Maybe organ massage is for you-just be sure to get the A-OK from your doc, and see a legit professional not some rando guy handing out "free massage" cards on the street. But if you're looking to nix stress, get a good zen, or loosen up some tight muscles?

Maybe stick with a regular rub-down or sports massage instead. You could also go for these yoga poses for self-massage that are percent free.

By Lauren Mazzo. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Comments Add Comment. Close Share options. Tell us what you think Thanks for adding your feedback. All rights reserved. Close View image.Years ago I was introduced to the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage, as I searched for relief from a systemic urinary issue.

My first abdominal massage was a huge learning experience. I learned about my body, my digestive and reproductive organs. I knew where they were, what they did and how to nourish them with all of the proper nutrients, but I never physically massaged any of them like I did during this session. After my initial treatment and self discovery of my inners during the session, I was instructed how to do the massage myself.

I was given a sheet with step by step instructions to follow so that I could do the technique at home, myself.

abdominal massage near me

And guess what? In the beginning I had high hopes, I did the massage a few times, then other things became more important. Life got in the way of my own self care. Time passed and I totally dismissed the validity of this amazing healing technique.

Fast forward to today. I still work diligently to keep Interstitial Cystitis and my overall health in check. I make all attempts to take care of myself on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My short, painful periods have balanced themselves out. My cycle has regulated. My IC remains in check. No more painful pee! You bet and I love it! The intention of Maya Abdominal Massages is to restore proper positioning to your uterus and to improve the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and energy or chi.

The massage helps reposition the uterus and urogenital organs back to their normal positions and remove old adhesions.Rosita Arvigo, DN. Rainforest Remedies is the line of traditional herbal and topical healing products formulated by Dr.

Other supportive products are also available such as books and other media. Not only did I learn such an amazing therapy for which I am grateful, I learned a lot about myself. I have connected with my own body on a totally different level. Through receiving the treatments, I had a profound detox, a heightened awareness, and an unexpected emotional release.

abdominal massage near me

Not to mention my shortness of breath caused by anxiety and a very tight diaphragm has left and not returned. I now have the ability to confidently help others change their view of their own bodies. To reconnect with Self. To give them the power to help heal themselves.

abdominal massage near me

To step outside of the medical realm and trust in an alternative. I now have a much higher level of comfort with this subject material and confidence to work with this population I did not have a week ago. I love that the course included a review of Professional Training, an intro to fertility vocabulary and a foundation in Mayan traditions.

I truly believe this will have a positive impact on this world. Not only did I feel I gained the proper skills to apply this work to others, I had a profound sense of healing and balance when I received from others. Overall, this was the best training I have ever received.

Having attending a Professional Training in it was time to continue my studies with the Advanced Clinical Seminar this June The class size was perfect for learning as we give and receive bodywork much of the week both the PCT and Advanced techniques. Being with such a competent, educated and diverse group of women was welcoming and invigorating. Cathy, Bryn and Reisa were well adept in holding a container for us all to explore all of the facets of this specialized modality.


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